- The Power of Pixel Art
Tron (1982)
Pixel Artist: mazeon
Source: mazeon.com

Tron (1982)

Pixel Artist: mazeon

Source: mazeon.com

Well, I have just decided to remove all “Pixel Art Masterpieces”, “Games with Pixel Art” etc. banners from the site (that were located under each post).

I no longer liked them and 35% of those who voted (n=54) thought the same.

Site looks now better.

Anyway… Rest stays the same. :)

In the last few month I got about 3-4 tumblr messages that told me that the “Pixel Art Masterpieces” and “Games with Pixel Art” banners below each post are annoying.

So I wanted to ask how many of you think that these banners are indeed annoying and should be removed.

Thus I created a little poll where you can vote and see the results in real time.

Let’s see how it turns out.

Mega Coin Squad

Developer: @BigPixelStudios
System: Windows, Mac, Linux
Website: bigpixelstudios.co.uk

Description: ”Mega Coin Squad is a fast-paced action-platformer for between one to four players. Combining lightning-fast controls with over-the-top arcade-style action, Mega Coin Squad is intense!

Take on the single player campaign mode, traversing across a range of procedurally generated landscapes collecting thousands of coins, and seeking to retrieve the 4 unique Mega Coins. Or battle it out in the variety of local multiplayer modes, and use any means necessary to collect, steal and bank more coins than your opponents.”

Dark Monolith
Pixel Artist: Ergg
Source: pixeljoint.com

Dark Monolith

Pixel Artist: Ergg

Source: pixeljoint.com


Developer: Lunar Ray Games
System: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS
Website: lunarraygames.com

Description: “2D Metroidvania about a young woman who travels through time to destroy an empire.”

Wyv and Keep

Developer: A Jolly Corpse
System: Windows, Mac, Linux
Genre: Platformer

Website: jollycorpse.com

Cave Story

Developer: Studio Pixel
Released: 2004
System: PC
Genre: Action Adventure Platformer
Wikipedia Entry

Game is Freeware and can be downloaded from cavestory.org

Cave Story Longplay (209 min): YouTube.com // Longplays.org

DeLorean Time Machine (Back to the Future II)
Pixel Artist: mazeon
Source: mazeon.com

DeLorean Time Machine (Back to the Future II)

Pixel Artist: mazeon

Source: mazeon.com

Cavern Kings

Developer: vine
System: Windows
Website: heartvine.tumblr.com

Description: ”Cavern Kings is an infinite action platformer designed to make every playthrough unique and interesting. Inspired by action-packed games like Vlambeer’s “Super Crate Box" and the increasing difficulty aspects in "Risk of Rain”, Cavern Kings aims to explode with special effects in classical arcade fashion and create interesting synergies with its powerup system.”

Life of Pixel

Developer: Super Icon
System: Windows, Mac
Website: lifeofpixel.co.uk

Genre: Video Game History Platformer with pixel art from 13 classic game systems: 

  • Amiga (1985)
  • GameBoy (1989)
  • NES (1983)
  • SNES (1990)
  • Master System (1985)
  • Mega Drive (1988)
  • Atari 2600 (1977)
  • ZX81 (1981)
  • ZX Spectrum (1982)
  • Commodore 64 (1982)
  • Amstrad CPC (1984)
  • BBC Model B (1981)
  • Apple II (1977)

Crypt of the Necrodancer

Developer: Brace Yourself Games
System: Windows, Mac, Linux
Genre: Roguelike Rhythm Game.

Website: necrodancer.com